Das Meisterstück: top notch Beer and Sausages

Berlin is an extraordinary example of melting point of cultures and  its multiculturalism shines specially in gastronomy. However, the city also has space for traditional food. What are the two elements which Germany is most famous for? Genau, beer and sausages.

Das Meisterstück: Beer and sausages - Comer en Berlin

Das Meisterstück: Beer and sausages - Comer en Berlin

Some time ago we decided it was time to pay a visit to Das Meisterstück, a culinary treasure for beer and sausage lovers.

The translation of this place would be “Masterpiece” in reference to how artisanal the making of all of its products is. The restaurant specialises in offering high quality handcrafted sausages, bread and beer.

The menu, although based on traditional products, has room for a little bit of everything: starters, soups, salads, cold meats, Stullen and, of course, a huge variety of sausages and meat. Besides, the restaurant is also provided with a big grill in order to offer not only the best ingredients possible, but also the best cooked.

Das Meisterstück: Beer and sausages - Comer en Berlin

We recommend

Go for lunch from 12 to 17h because apart from the normal menu, the also have a Flammkuchen menu. Choose the classic one with a cold beer. Fantastic!

What? Das Meisterstück // 

Where? Hausvogteiplatz 3-4, 10117 Berlin. U-Bahn U2 Hausvogteiplatz

When? Mo-Su from 12.00 h

How much? €€. Starters from 4€, Stullen from 4,5€. Main dishes from 7,5€.

What else? The restaurant is really big. It has more than one room what is perfect for groups or group events. We recommend to book though. It is not the best place for vegetarians/vegans.

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