5 Places for Brunch in Berlin that never disappoint

Brunch in Berlin: Roamers - Comer en Berlin

One of our favorite things in Berlin is that you can find Brunch restaurants in almost every corner… Well not in every corner, but this is a typical characteristic in the Berlin gastronomy environment in a way that it is almost impossible imaging a weekend without Brunch and viceversa. That is why we decided to compile our favorite Brunch spots in an only article so you can use it as a small brunch guide if you come to visit Berlin.


Brunch in Berlin: Silo - Comer en Berlin

Silo in Friedrichshain is one of the first breakfast restaurants that really started to take the breakfast topic seriously. They like to work directly with regional distributors like The Sausage Man that never sleep, Sironi or BRLO for the beer. But this is only a small example due to the saisonal aspect of their menu, which changes from time to time and bring always new interesting flavors on board. Coming back to the menu, this is short but accurate (you will always find something according to your hungry-mood).

Their drink menu is also one of my favorites: from the already above-mentioned BRLO IPA beers to Berliner coffee (from the Fjord rostery) or Kombucha from BKS (Berlin Kombucha Society). As you see, everything stays in Berlin.

Silo Coffee en Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin (U Bahn Warschauers.) 

Happy Baristas

Brunch in Berlin: Happy Baristas - Comer en Berlin

Coffee lovers have a favorite place in Ostkreuz and this is Happy Baristas. This cafe opened by a group of baristas under the same idea: offering good coffee with a smile. They work with specialty coffee beans from the best roasters from all over Europe and rote them in the café. Apart from the specialty coffee, they also offer brunch and lunch options. A pastrami sandwich or a croque monsieur are only two examples of what you can find there.

Happy Baristas en Neue Bahnhofstraße 32, 10245 Berlin (S-Bahn Ostkreuz). 


Brunch in Berlin: Papilles- Comer en Berlin

This French restaurant in Neukölln offers a perfect brunch during weekends. Their menu, even if it is a short one as well goes from the avocado toast on sour dough bread and feta cheese to the classic irresistible Benny eggs or the highly recommended French toast. Their prices are quite affordable if you compare it with similar places in Berlin what makes you happier if possible.

Papilles en Flughafenstraße 25, 12053 Berlin (U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln o U-Bahn Boddinstr.) 

19 Grams Chaussee

Brunch in Berlin: 19 Grams- Comer en Berlin

In the North area of Mitte almost in the border with Wedding, you can find the 19 Grams Café. This place (child from the Tres Cabezas Roasters crew and brother of the 19 Grams Café en Kreuzberg) serves everyday together with their specialty coffee also a seasonal Brunch offer from Little Joy catering. If a brunch is too much for you today, you should them try one of their warm sandwiches and quiches or even opt for the cake.

19 Grams Chaussee en Chausseestraße 36, 10115 Berlin (U-Bahn Naturkundenmuseum) 


Brunch in Berlin: Roamers - Comer en Berlin

In a hidden corner of Neukölln you will find this cozy and charming place. When you go inside – after the probably 20-30 minutes of standby-time – the place transports you directly to a Western film with its vintage decoration, plants and macrame creations. Roamers is also probably the most Instagram  photographed restaurant in Berlin. The waiting time is worth though.

Its menu goes from decent sandwiches (up to €7), toasts (up to €7), scrambled and poached eggs creations, huevos rancheros in skillet (€10) or salads. Their cakes will catch your attention as well and the drink selection has something for everybody.

Roamers in Pannierstraße 64, 12043 Berlin (U-Bahn Hermannplatz)  o 


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