Goldies: The golden paradise for a Fries lover

Goldies in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

I don´t know if someone is able to resist to a good portion of fries every once in a while… Well, we don´t and this is the reason why some days ago we visited a new concept restaurant in Oranienstraße and since then we just loved it: Goldies or what we could also translate as “the dream place for fries’ lovers”.

First Fries restaurant in Berlin

The idea of opening a fries restaurant is not something that happens overnight. Everything started when Kajo and Vladi – two of the guys behind Goldies – met each other at the VAU restaurant from Kolja Kleeberg in Berlin. Then they both went to Wolfsburg together to work at Aqua, the 3-Michelin-Star restaurant from Sven Elverfeld. From this experience, the dream of opening their restaurant came up and after analyzing the Berlin culinary ecosystem, they both – together with Felix, a friend of them that also participates in the project – realized that what Berlin was missing was exactly a fries restaurant. So they went for it.

Its menu is a journey through different countries

Its concept is quite simple: taking fries to another level. They do not only serve top-quality fries, but they also elaborated an entire menu based on that, suitable for all tastes. For me, one of their hits is the Berliner Eisbein (6,9 EUR) where they have been able to deconstruct the classic German knuckle of pork with pulled pork, Sauerkraut, Dijon-Mayo and crispy pork rind.

Goldies in Berlin - Comer en Berlin


Also to be pointed out is the Russian version and my favorite so far, the Odessas Beeten (5,9 EUR) with baked beetroot, horseradish cream, cabbage salad, and dill.

Goldies in Berlin - Comer en Berlin


Goldies in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Trying to make the most of our visit, we chatted with Vladi and Kajo about their favorite places in Berlin and they gave us some good recommendations. We hope you enjoy them.

CeB: Which is your favorite restaurant in Berlin?

Goldies: We like the simple, authentic but cool places like Lon Men’s Noodle House, Tian Fu or pizzerias like Masaniello or Il Casolare, but we also like the places of the new Neapolitan pizza movement. We have also visited quite a lot of star restaurants in Berlin, but sometimes the atmosphere of these places is not what we expected. Sometimes food is attracting all the attention and the fact of having a good time or just socializing disappears. However, this is not happening in casual, nonpretentious restaurants.

CeB: Which other places would you recommend us in Berlin? Which are the food places in Berlin that definitely we cannot miss?

Goldies: We totally recommend you to try Ris A Chicken, the Domke butcher’s and Currybaude. Probably the product isn´t the best in these cases, but it is definitely the place to go if you are having the munchies. Currybaude, for example, they make their own sausages, which they even sell to places like Curry36. Domke is the best option when you need a good Mettbrötchen. And on the other hand, Ris A Chicken is like a chicken-based Mc Donald’s. You definitely have to try the grilled chicken with lemon butter. It is just delicious!


What? Goldies //  // 

Where? Oranienstraße 6, 10997 Berlin. Kreuzberg. Closest U-Bahn Station: U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof

When? Monday to Sunday from 12.00 to 22.00h

How much? €. Between 4,5 and 7,9 EUR

What else? The service is just awesome and quite attentive! I couldn’t make up my mind about what to order and they recommended me exactly what I was in the mood for. It is self-service.

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