A talk with the promoters of The Berlin Pizza Week

Sara and Andrea from True Italian Berlin - Comer en Berlin

We meet Sara and Andrea at the Berlino Magazine office, in the middle of Friedrichshain to talk not only about pizza and coffee, but also about their project True Italian Berlin and, of course, about the role that Italian community plays in Berlin.

Friedrichshain is quite a well-connected district in terms of transportation. In 10 minutes you can be in Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte. And according to Berlino Magazine, this is also the neighborhood where most Italians live. This is kind of big deal if we take into account that the Italian community is the third biggest minority living in Berlin.

The project True Italian Berlin

Andrea and Sara, together with Elisabetta, are the promoters of The Italian Pizza Week; that took place last April. They are also the developers of the project True Italian Berlin, a platform that aims to recognize and promote the real Italian restaurants in Berlin. There are two important criteria that restaurants have to meet in order to take part in the project. “The owners of the restaurants don´t need to be Italian. It is not about nationality at all but about the quality of the products. The basics of the Italian cuisine and the tradition must be respected, that is, they must have a true Italian approach”, explains Andrea.

Berlin Pizza Week from True Italian Berlin - Comer en Berlin

The idea of creating this distinctive logo for restaurants came after Andrea founded his own communication agency. “I am Italian and this is my core. I will never be able to compete with any similar German company doing the same. So I thought: What is the thing Italians know a lot about? Food! So I came up with this idea. On the one hand, I can tell Germans about something we know well, and on the other, I can create a platform that supports authentic Italian restaurants”, he explains.

“In the last years quality in Berlin restaurants improved a lot. The person who decides to open a restaurant nowadays, they really pay attention to the quality and the products – most of them come directly fresh from Italy-“, Sara tells us and she points out that “Italian restaurants don’t try to fulfill anymore the expectations and adjust to the taste of German people, but they really want Germans to like what Italians do”. These days are becoming normal to see more and more Germans “daring” to taste real Italian flavors like for example a plate that contains a lot of garlic or even experimental combinations such as mussels with cheese.

“I ate the best pizza of my life in Berlin”

Talking about pizzas, Sara admitted that she had the best pizza of her life here in Berlin and not in Italy.  She also told that the quality is getting so good that sometimes she gets to eat at better Italian restaurants here than when she visits her hometown, Florence. Of course, we had to ask her about that pizza place, we needed to know! But well, we will only reveal it at the end of the article, so you’d better keep reading.

A very interesting aspect of our talk was the reason behind this current trend of high-quality Italian restaurants at the moment. According to Andrea it is due to the fact of the difficulties of coming to a new country. “People who open good restaurants today are persons who came to Germany with an academic degree like an engineering, but once they were here, they realized the existing boundaries in Germany and how difficult it is actually to make here a career. Those that chose the gastronomy option and opted for opening a restaurant, they do it with ambition and dedication”.

Yummy recommendations

We couldn’t leave Berlino Magazine without knowing the favorite places of Sara and Andrea. For coffee, they recommended Safé, a small but charming coffee bar in the Sonntagstr. with a Neapolitan twist. For ice cream, Cuore di Vetro was their choice and for pizza, they couldn´t choose only one and they gave us three tips Prometeo, Malafemmena and Monella. All of which follow the traditional Neapolitan pizza recipe.

Of course, we headed to Safé straight after our talk to try the Italian coffee bar and yes: we can confirm you it is worth paying it a visit.

Our last advice: for those that have sweet tooth, you cannot miss the next True Italian Berlin event called Guilty Pleasures during the upcoming autumn: an event only about Italian sweets! For more info, we recommend you to follow them in their social media channels like  and .

True Italian Berlin - Comer en Berlin

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