Our 5 favourite work-friendly cafes in Berlin

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Sometimes it can get quite difficult to find work-friendly cafes in Berlin. The kind of places where you can work quietly, with good internet connection, enough space and, of course, nice food and drinks. As freelancers, we do feel this a lot, so we are always in search of places that fulfill our needs in this sense.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

If you like coffee and know a bit about coffee in Berlin, you have probably already heard of Bonanza, one of the most famous coffee places in Prenzlauer Berg and probably in the whole city. Well, their roastery is located in a hidden Kreuzberg backyard, one minute away from the busy Adalberstr., and since 2016 it also hosts a beautiful, bright and spacious cafe.

With big windows, stylish but simple decoration and a long table especially purposed for laptop work, this cafe is a perfect choice for digital nomads. Besides, their outdoor seats are perfect to soak up the sun during your well-deserved breaks.

We could recommend you any of their coffees, but, if the weather is warm, go for their frappe. A perfectly balanced, sweet and creamy, cold drink that will definitely make your day better.

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Bonanza coffee roasters, Adalbertstraße 70  


5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

We have already told you about this cozy Friedrichshain café, but It had to be on this list. Its good internet connection, a menu full of delicious homemade bread toasts and a bright and comfortable interior, make it the perfect spot to work on your computer.

Plus, their spinach toast is to die for.

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Neumanns, Gabriel-Max-Straße 18    


5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Silo is, without a doubt, one of Berlin’s most renowned brunch places. Well, their new Mitte location is definitely worth checking. It is located inside the Circus hotel in Rosenthaler Platz, quite handy if you are around the city center. This café provides the perfect environment to work, whether it is by yourself (with a specially purposed long table, like Bonanza) or with somebody, the big room in the back is great for meetings or teamwork.

Their coffee is really good and their avocado toast and their chía bowl are filling and healthy choices to keep your energy levels up while you work hard.

Commonground está en Rosenthaler Str. 1  


5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

This is one of the newest additions to Neukölln’s café scene and, honestly, it is so pretty that we will not blame you if you feel the urge to procrastinate a bit taking pictures of its beautiful interior.  Their spacious backroom is meant to be used as a co-working space, so it ensures you quietness, good wifi (not captive, yay!) and like-minded people working, a plus if you are in the need for some motivation.

They have Bonanza coffee, natural orange juice, and their sourdough toasts make a great mid-morning snack to keep you fueled. The goat cheese, dates and honey toast is one of our favorites in town. And if you have a sweet tooth, their selection of pastries from Albatross will make you a very happy human.

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Ivy, Weserstraße 44

19 grams Chaussee

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

Super close to the Natural History Museum and about to turn one year old, we have the last addition to the Tres Cabezas family. A two story café filled with a lot of different spaces that will surely fulfill your needs; sofas, big and small tables, outdoor seating and even a bar area. Besides, the furniture is classy and comfortable, the music is always good, they have “bloody good coffee” and their brunch menu and cake selection are getting more and more interesting by the day.

Pay attention to their weekly specials and do not miss the opportunity to try one of their peanut butter cookies with a flat white, probably one of the best combos in town.

19 grams Chaussee está en Chausseestraße 36 

5 work-friendly cafes in Berlin • Comer en Berlin

This is our favorites shortlist, but Berlin is full of great places where digital nomads can eat, work and load on caffeine, so stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

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