Five places to eat good sandwiches in Berlin

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I love sandwiches, the first bite of a good sandwich, that combination of crispiness and juiciness in your mouth, well, that’s heaven for me. That, together with the fact that this city is without a doubt one of the capitals of street food, made almost mandatory to write an article on sandwiches in Berlin. So here you have five of our favorite places for tasty sandwiches in Berlin.

Taka fish house

This small place is a Kreuzberg classic for fish lovers. It is not easy to find affordable places to eat good fish in this town, and this one checks all the boxes. In its menu, we can find a lot of different options, from grilled fish dishes to fried sardines, and all of them simply focused on the fish and equally tasty. But, of course, our favorite choice are the sandwiches. The combination of crispy Turkish bread, a light salad, grilled fish and a bit of lemon is just perfect. We strongly recommend the salmon or the Dorada ones, fresh, simple and delicious.

The prices are really good for a fish place (sandwiches around 5 euros and dishes up to 15 ) and the service is nice. Don’t expect anything fancy but authentic.

five tasty sandwiches in Berlin - Comer en Berlin  Adalbertstraße 97


Konak Izmir Köftecisi

Around the corner from Taka fish house, this is another Kreuzberg household names. Its specialty is köfte sandwiches, our favorite alternative to döner kebab. The list of ingredients is short but the combination is delicious: the kofte (a super flavourful and juicy grilled meat patty) with salad and yogurt or spicy sauce, inside a roll of freshly toasted Turkish bread. If you are vegetarian, no worries, their halloumi version is almost as good.

This place is open until quite late at night, what makes it, without a doubt, the perfect stop to fill your belly before going to bed after having some drinks around Kreuzberg. Highly recommended and fairly cheap (€5 a sandwich).

five tasty sandwiches in Berlin - Comer en Berlin  Reichenberger Str. 10

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Côcô báhn mì deli

A bánh mì sandwich is a typical Vietnamese sandwich. The bread is a white wheat and rice flour baguette and the filling usually one or more meats (often pâté), fish or tofu, coriander, salad and pickled veggies, all of it seasoned with mayo and chili sauce.

This combo may sound a bit funny, but it is actually one of the most delicious, juicy and interesting sandwiches we have tried. The mix of flavors comes from the French influence and we can assure you that it is worth trying.

The place is perfectly located next to Rosenthaler Platz, one of the busiest parts of Mitte, so, if you are around the city center and happen to crave something filling, healthy but not super heavy, this is a great option. Plus, the sandwiches are reasonably priced (€ 5-7 a sandwich) and it has vegan and vegetarian options.

five tasty sandwiches in Berlin - Comer en Berlin Rosenthaler Str. 2

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Prater Garten

Being the oldest Biergarten in town, there are very few places as famous as this one in Berlin. Mentioned in almost every Berlin guide, it surely lives up to its reputation. The combination of a charming and lively environment, good German beer, and tasty food, makes it one of our go-to destinations to enjoy the beginning of a summer evening in Prenzlauer Berg. Their bread roll sausage sandwiches will not disappoint you. You can choose between the classic Bratwurst, the Polish Sausage or the lamb-beef one. Our favorite is the Bratwurst, but all of them are juicy, meaty, delicious and good for every budget (3-4 €). Pssst! Don’t forget to order a baked potato filled with cheese to share if you are very hungry, and a really big beer in any case.

five tasty sandwiches in Berlin - Comer en Berlin Kastanienallee 7-9

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J. Kinski

After all of the classics comes the newbie, well, not really. Even though the place is quite new, J Kinski has been around for years, both as a catering company and a food stall in several markets and events. They are focused on slow fast food, top notch carefully sourced ingredients prepared with time and love.

Their sandwiches will make your mouth water. They are filling, delicious and very original. Raclette cheese, flavorful beef, homemade pickles, and pastrami, are amongst the ingredients that you can find inside their crispy sourdough slices. Our favorite is “The Mexican”, toasted bread, beef, chipotle mayo, onion, avocado cream, melted cheese, pickled carrot, and apple. Do we really need to say anything else?

Located in the lively Boxhagener Platz, in the heart of Friedrichshain, their juicy sandwiches are always tasty, but they will surely save your life on a hungover Sunday. Not super cheap, but worth every penny (€8-13 a sandwich). Our go to option is fries (with truffle mayo!) and a sandwich to share, perfect if you are not extremely hungry.

Bocatas en Berlín - Comer en Berlín Gabriel-Max-Straße 17

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The city is full of interesting sandwiches, so we’ll bring you more yummy places to eat sandwiches in Berlin quite soon. For now, as a reminder, two other Berlin classics that we love, Fine Bagels‘ homemade bagels and Mogg ’s pastrami sandwich. Do not miss them!

Mogg - Cocina judía en Berlín - Comer en Berlín

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