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Mejores helados de Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Why is it so common to see Germans eating ice cream all year round? Why do Berliners queue for ice-cream like crazy at the first glimpse of sun? Well, it is because Germany is an ice-cream loving country. The European country that consumes more litres a year, in fact. So, if you really want to blend in, you’d better increase your gelato consumption asap.

Who cares about temperature, as long as it’s sunny (and not below zero) is ice cream weather in Berlin. To be honest, this is a Berliner habit that we’ve gladly taken up, so now we do eat ice-cream all year too. And during the warm months… well, we basically survive on anything creamy and frozen. As a result of this ice-cream craze, more and more parlours keep sprouting around the city, and, of course, they have to strive for the highest quality in order to stand amongst the others. Thus, if you love this icy treat, you have hit the jackpot with Berlin (and with this article). Get your spoons ready because here you have a list with all our favourite ice-cream parlours in Berlin.

Fräulein Frost

A Kreuzberg classic, although they also have locations in Neukölln and Charlottenburg. Homemade ice-cream with fiery flavours that will steal your hearts. In their menu, we can find classics with a twist, just like cream with poppy seeds and strawberry with basil. But also more daring mixes such as carrot with orange and their incredibly fresh and tasty GuZiMi, Cucumber, mint and lemon.

In warm days be ready to queue for a bit and for a bit more on Maybachufer market days, since it is located one minute away from the canal. It is very popular amongst young families, but don’t panic, the kids are usually nice and harmless 😉

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Oak & Ice

This coffee and ice-cream place in Prenzlauer Berg is focused on making artisanal and innovative ice-cream with high quality and conscious products. They only use bio grass fed cow’s milk and all of their sorbets are vegan. They just won the best ice-cream contest at Markthalle Neun’s Eis Naschmarkt with their sugar free dark chocolate flavour, but they have plenty of other delicious ones, such as matcha (a favourite of ours), rhubarb, and smoked goat cheese. Besides this, you can also top their homemade cakes with a scoop of ice-cream. You know, just in case you need to treat yourself. 

The place is big, cosy and bright. Its kid area makes it perfect for families.

Susse Sünde

We could call this one our local ice-cream dealer, one of its two Berlin location is dangerously close to one of our houses and we are thankful for it. Besides from Mitte and Friedrichshain, they have another parlour in Schöneide, where they also have the kitchen where their ice-cream is produced daily.  Their flavour assortment is vast and full of different but equally delicious options, but if we had to choose we would go for their coriander-apple or vanilla-rhubarb.

The customer service is great, they’ll help you choose and give you tastings so you can find what suits your ice-cream needs better. This is a family-run business and they are also focused on high quality bio ingredients.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Mos Eisley

Located in Schillerkiez, one of the prettiest and trendiest parts of Neukölln, if you are a bit nerdy, the name of this ice-cream parlour probably rings a bell. The make their Italian ice-cream on a daily basis and their flavour list is always changing. Besides from their classics, they always have some vegan option (plus the sorbets) and a boozy one (their cucumber/tonic will satisfy your non-appropriate midday Moscow Mule cravings). Our latest obsessions are their Cardamom crocante and the soy ice-cream with crunchy peanut, try them before they are gone, please.

Insider tip: their ice-creams taste (even) better when eaten watching the sunset in Tempelhof, two minutes away from their doorstep.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Erste Sahne

This charming place is only a couple blocks away from Mos Eisly. This tiny Italian parlour won our trust from minute one. The moment you step in, you realize this is not just another place, they ice-cream is not on display and the owner has that charisma only found in the ones that truly love what they do. When you try your ice-cream some minutes later (depending on the queue), you find out the signs where right, it is to die for. In fact, you may even drop a tear, if you chose their dark, dairy free chocolate. For all the liquorice fans out there, do not miss their salty liquorice.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Rosa Canina

You can get Rosa Canina’s ice-cream at their ice-cream stall in the busy Markthalle Neun but also in their Neukölln and Prenzlauer Berg locations. Besides from the brilliant and tempting option of getting your ice cream on top of a freshly made Belgian waffle, our go to choice in this parlour are delicate simple flavours, where the quality of the product and elaboration really stands out. Their vanilla is probably one of the best in town, both plain and in its more German version, with sunflower seed oil.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

California Pops

Next time you are craving a popsicle, please, do not go to the nearest späti and get a frozen thing with a long list of artificial ingredients. Instead, stop by California Pops, two minutes away from Görlitzer Park. Both their fruity and more rich options are delicious. Their flavours are intense and not overly sweet flavours and the textures nice and creamy. A personal favourite would be the chocolate, hazelnut and banana, almost sinful.

Jones Ice Cream

Jones food truck has been around for a couple of years, making visitors of the best Street food events in town very very happy. But it wasn’t until last year when they opened their own location in Schöneberg. Their trademark product is a scoop of ice-cream served on top of a homemade cookie and our favourite flavours are salted butter caramel and whiskey with pecans. If you are not a big fan of cookies (if that’s even possible), you’ll must order a cone, because their waffles are also homemade, crunchy and delicious. Their ice-cream is closer to the American style than to the Italian, but without the usual excess of sugar and so creamy and well balanced that it’s almost unbelievable.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Anna Durkes

This tiny and lovely parlour serves probably the best gelato in Kreuzberg. The owners are Italian and the place is full of that southern charm that we Mediterraneans miss so much. Ice-cream is their passion and their goal to share the authentic Italian ice-cream experience with all of us fellow berliners. They make their gelato daily without preservatives and with high quality ingredients. Our flavour of choice is that of their namesake, the Anna Durkes, a delicious peanuts and chocolate combo. And, if you have a sweet toot, don’t hesitate and order their more indulgent option, your scoop inside a brioche.

They also have a great selection of Italian sweets and candy, perfect to finish sweetening your day.

Cuore di Vetro

This punk at heart ice-cream parlour is for sure one of the most charming and boldest ones in Berlin. Their gelato manufacture is only separated from the rest of the place by a glass wall (their glass heart-cuore di vetro), so if you are lucky, you can witness the ice-cream making. Besides being on almost every Berlin top list, a couple of their flavours have also been officially awarded, for example their heavenly Pistachio and luscious dark chocolate, both will make you sigh.

The staff is lovely, the place super cosy and their music selection probably the best in town. And if you needed more reasons to go, they host exhibitions and cultural events on a regular basis.

It is rare nowadays to find places that still have that special Berliner charm and this is surely one of them.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

Waffel oder Becher

This ice-cream parlour has been opened for over two years already and we have no clue why we didn’t discover it until some weeks ago. Everything there caught our eye, from their ice-cream, to their honest and artisanal ice-cream making philosophy. What flavours should you try? Their mascarpone with pistachio and caramel is a stunner and, if you want a vegan one, the coconut one is rich, deep and 100% coconut based. Their sorbets are also a must, both their mango and raspberry are outstanding, honestly, they taste like the real fruit, but better.

best ice-cream in Berlin - Comer en Berlin

These are our favourite places or the ones that feel more special to us. But the city is full of ice-cream parlours and more and more keep opening and offering great ice-cream. So we will continue our research and adding new places to our list. If we missed something important or you have any tips, please, let us know. Ice-cream tasting and research is not an easy task, but somebody’s got to do it 😉

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