Khwan: Thai barbecue for all the senses

Khwan - Comer en Berlin

I really wanted to write about this restaurant since, with the “good weather”, Khwan is one of the places in Berlin with an unusual reception during this season. Khwan is one of these restaurants that, like many others in Berlin, started as a food truck, that is, with a stand in some of the most famous street-food markets around the city. This trial always allows the owner to see if his/her concept works and if so, it usually turns into a restaurant.

In love with its sausages

Yes, I know, it sounds funny, but it is true. I have to confess that even if I am not a meat devote lately, I did try their Chiang Mai sausages some time ago and had a crush on them. (Spoiler: Sausages are manufactured specially for Khwan by The sausage man that never sleeps) I had never experienced so many flavors melting in my mouth at the same time! Thank God, Khwan has opened a pop-up restaurant where you can enjoy these delis and many others from Thursday till Sunday.

Khwan - Comer en Berlin

If you are a barbecue lover and you like smoked, marinated and fermented flavors, spiced and hot food, this is definitely your place! It is located in one of the party areas in Berlin and it might be a little bit inaccessible for those not familiar with the RAW-Gelände, also called Revalerstraße. But don’t worry, below you will find some guidance to find the place.

Powerful flavor experience

Do you know that feeling when you visit certain restaurants or you taste a particular food and what you experience makes a difference on how you regard food from now on? This exactly happened to me when I tried the food at Khwan.

Khwan - Comer en Berlin


They don’t have a huge menu, which is perfect, and it is focused on the Northeast Thai cuisine, also called Isaan, with loads of smoked flavors and spices. You can’t leave without trying at least their Miang Kham-bettle leaf wrap with toasted coconut and tamarind and their pork belly & apple curry, but also the already mentioned Chiang Mai sausage with soy cured soft egg. Too much? Here it is my recommendation: Don´t go on your own but with lots of friends. Well, 3-4 are enough. Then order their feast menu, where you try all the dishes for just 74€. If you don’t have so many friends, they also offer this menu for two for 37€.

Khwan - Comer en Berlin

Khwan - Comer en Berlin


Khwan –>  

 Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin. The best way to reach the place is to take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn till Warschauerstr. and then walk around 6-7 minutes. Another option is to do the same from S-Bahn Ostkreuz and walk in the opposite direction.

from Thursday to Saturday from 18.00 till 22.30 and Sunday opened for Brunch from 11 till 16.30.

 €€. Prices are around 6 and 17 EUR. Starters are 3,5 EUR. Think that the best option is to order several dishes and share. In that case, the feast menu is worthwhile.

What else? It is an idyllic place to spend summer evenings of barbecue, friends, and drinks. Besides that, it is also great to try it out on Sunday for brunch with their special menu.

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