Are you visiting the city and you want to discover the best places to eat around Berlin? Just arrived and would like to find out more about what Berlin has to offer? Looking for the perfect event for your company or just for a special occasion?

We are your Berlin food guides. Food is our passion and we love to share it with you and show you all we know about eating in this city.

All of our tours are usually in Spanish but we can surely accommodate your language requests if you let us know in advance.

Private Tours

We organize private tours. Our favorites are the classic or alternative food tour, the vegan tour or the beer tour.

But we’ll be happy to design your own tailored tour for you and your family, traveling companions, workmates or even to give as a present.

Here you got some of the things we take into account when designing a custom tour:

  • Your schedule, day and duration requirements
  • Your food preferences
  • How you’d prefer to move around the city (on foot, public transport, bike, etc.)

Why a food tour?

Every time you visit a new city or new country most of your souvenirs are the memories of the experiences you lived there and food is an essential part of these moments (if not the main). We want you to have the best memories of Berlin, a full belly and a smile. We will not only provide you with the best food experience but will also guide you through Berlin food history, give you tips and answer all your questions so you can enjoy the rest of your stay here to the maximum.

Send us an e-mail, tell us your plans and we’ll inform you without any compromise!

But… Why a food tour with Comer en Berlin?

We’ve been in the city for quite a while and we know (almost) all of its secrets. Besides, food is not only our passion but our job. We love eating, talking and sharing, and we can assure you that our tours are fun, personal and original.

Still not interested in doing a tour but have some questions or doubts about us or the city? Send us an e-mail to

We are happy to help!

More Doubts?

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